Pregnant in the Summer: How Do You Nest When It’s Ninety?


No, that is NOT me..Kudos to whoever that beautiful belly belongs to!

Having had two September babies in the Southern US, I can truly empathize with all of your pregnant mamas right now. That’s kindof a big deal, considering empathy is not my strong suite- as evidenced when I regularly state, “Welp, you shouldn’t have been _______” in response to big dramatic tears over bizarre toddler-owies.

If your summer has been like ours, you are actually hoping for ninety degree weather. It’s been ridiculously hot, and carrying around an extra human plus its healthy layer of luggage (seriously, airlines are charging for carry on’s now, why can’t you get something in return for that 15-30+ extra baggage that your little one packs on you? Ice cream, maybe? Oh..wait…) only makes it worse.

I don’t know about you, but the heat totally saps my motivation. That’s fine if you have nothing to do, but when the nesting instinct kicks in and nothing is good enough no matter how many times you scrub it, that’s no bueno. I can’t make it any cooler or less uncomfortable for you, but I can pass along some tidbits that helped me through.

Space Out Your Nesting To-Do List

The earlier you can get started on this, the better. Look ahead to what you know you’re going to obsess over and try to do it sooner rather than later, especially if you get a cool day or some elusive free time.

I knew things like baseboards and cabinet facings would be a big deal, so rather than waiting to scrub like a madwoman until nesting got crazy on a 105-degree day, those annoying chores were mostly done at that point, and the nesting urge was directed at some less labor-intensive tasks. No pun intended.

Enlist Help for More Intense Tasks

Despite what I would tell myself, it is pretty satisfying to have that niggling little task done no matter who actually does it. With that said, it’s not easy to let someone else scrub your stove when you are just sure that you’ll be a horrible mother if it’s not cleaned JUST the way you want it done. Bless the person willing to help a nesting woman.

However, sometimes, the heat wins and you just need someone to help you out. Figure out what of your tasks can be doled out to a willing volunteer, and let them help you. Wouldn’t you rather be knitting that last set of booties or cooking up a fabulous soup for the freezer?

Buy a Box Fan to Help Relieve the Heat

This is a universal pregnant-in-the-summer rule. I don’t care what your AC is capable of, it’s not cool enough. Ever. Keep a box fan near by, or a standing fan, or one of those little handheld fans that squirt. You can’t beat the heat, but you can temper it a bit. Do what you can to keep as cool as you can, and know that – like contractions – you can do anything for a short period of time. You won’t be pregnant in the summer forever!


Are you feeling nesty lately? What’s on your to-do list?


Photo Credit to flequi on Flickr Creative Commons

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