Soup Season Roundup

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No Chicken Soup

Photo Credit to oliveabeans on VegWeb.Com

Winter has been half-hearted this year, with mild temperatures that I won’t come close to complaining about. Instead of playing outside in snow suits and galoshes, we’ve been in jeans and barefeet. But it doesn’t stop us from coming in looking for soup to curl up with.

Here are some amazing looking soups that I’m hoping to find a home for on my next meal plan.

No-Chicken Soup

Who says you need chicken for chicken soup? I could slurp on “chicken” soup broth all day, really. But, since the veggies are so good for you, I suppose they can come, too. Fun trick – I used gluten free noodles once and over-cooked them (by accident) so they dissolved..and it turned the broth so thick that it was more like the broth that dumplings make. Yum.

Chili for Days

Quinoa Chili

Food Doodle's Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

Chili is one of my favorites to make in big batches because it freezes so well and can reincarnate in so many different ways. On baked potatoes or home fries, as burritos or on nachos, and seriously don’t forget Frito chili pies. Seriously. This one looks great, or how about adding quinoa for texture, or some roasted veggies for some added umph? Ahhh, moving on before my stomach starts growling…

Miscellaneous Mmmmm

The Ginger Lentil Soup of months past was a surprising treat, as was the Seitan “Chicken” and Barley. Check out this inspiration sheet for soups of all kinds, too..and don’t forget the simple, underrated vegetable soup, or tomato soup with grilled cheese.

There are so many ways you can go with soups and stews. What’s your favorite?

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Magic Cabin


  1. Trina says:

    We are big soup lovers in our house. We have a homemade soup at least once a week. What I love about making soup is the leftovers. It’s great to freeze and use for another meal. I love your take on Chili, I will have to add quinoa next time.

  2. We are big leftover-lovers here, too. I’m notorious for losing track of the day and not starting dinner until 5:30, so having something in the freezer is pretty important.

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