Pregnancy- Vegetarian Lunch pp. 94: Egg or Tofu Salad Sandwich

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Egg SaladI love eggs.  I won’t sing the song that you now have in your head (you’re welcome) but they are quite yummy and chock full of nutrients. During the pregnancy with Fuzzy, I was pretty shortsighted on variety, and I almost wore myself out on them. Almost.

Anyway, this stuff is fantastic. When I’ve made egg salad before, it went mostly like this:

“Man, I want deviled eggs. Ugh, but then I’d have to be all careful when I crack them…and then the mixing and putting it back in…bummer. I still want deviled eggs. OH! I know. Let me mix it all up and eat it with crackers. Problem solved. Yeah, I’m awesome.”

Of course, if you have had deviled eggs, you know that it’s basically eggs, mayo and mustard. Not exactly a complete meal. I thought that’s what egg salad was. Ah, but no more.

Hubby called this egg salad for grownups. He thinks grownups eat healthy foods. Such a sweetie :)

Anyway, you’ll notice that the title is Egg Salad Sandwiches, but my picture doesn’t have any bread. That’s okay. Egg salad can be yummy on any type of grainy concoction- crackers, bread, toast, more crackers…Or celery! I like dipping celery in this stuff, and then I can put a gold sticker on my “I totally ate raw veggies today” chart.

Whenever I manage to try this with tofu, I’ll come back to update here. In the meantime, grab the book and try it! Let me know how it goes.

Nutritional highlights: Two eggs a day will get you a boatload of protein plus Omega-3s. The veggies mixed in (and/or dipped in) add an extra touch of vitamins, the grain adds fiber and carbs to offset the protein…and voila! a complete meal.

—Need the recipe? You don’t have to be pregnant or vegetarian to enjoy wholesome foods. Grab a copy of The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook: Whole Foods To Nourish Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women – And Their Families and cook along!—-

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