Postpartum Meals From Friends: Vegan “Yummy Yummy Macaroni & Cheese”

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Vegan Mac & CheeseThis may be a super fast post, ‘cos I still don’t have a good office chair and my bum is telling me to type like the wind! That said, I haven’t had to cook much for the last couple of weeks thanks to some awesome friends and a fantastic Hubby. One meal that came just a few days after she did was vegan macaroni and cheese. We were all nervous.

You all should know by now about my obsession with macaroni and cheese. You should also know that it is with the boxes of instant mac & cheese. I have justified to myself that this might as well be vegan since it certainly isn’t real cheese in the packet, but it’s about as accurate as when I try to justify Jack in the Box Tacos as having only “vegan grease” (that can’t be real meat!). Still, I have not yet been able to brave truly vegan macaroni and cheese. I just don’t have it in me.

Not only was our friend brave enough to try it, but she was brave enough to try it for the first time when she was taking it to someone else. Madness. I only take the tried and true dishes to other people. What happens if it’s 5:30 and you suddenly realize it is disgusting? What if it calls for some crazy ingredient and you can’t find it at the last minute (since there is no other time to shop…only last minute works out)? The whole thing skeeves me out.

And still, she cooked.

And it was…good!

The texture impressed me the most. I took the picture as an afterthought, realizing I could blog about it even though it’s not from “the” cookbook (KidsAreVeganToo developed this winner) and I didn’t cook it. So, it has gotten cold here and the texture doesn’t shine through as much. But, I’m telling you, it was smooth. No weird chunks, no grain or grit..just smooth.

It didn’t taste like Easy Mac or Annie’s or Back to Nature boxed mac n cheese, but maybe that is a good thing for me. We all have to grow up sometime. Maybe this is another babystep in that direction for me. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to shuffle my Monopoly-pajama-pants-bottom into the other room to see if we have any more strawberry push em up popsicles. Yummy!

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