PreggieVeggie Update- 36 Weeks & Counting (Time for a guessing game!)

9 Months Pregnant Belly Picture

Warning: I told you that Crazy Birth Junkie was coming out this week. I can’t be responsible for your perception of her. Crazy or no, this is part of it for me, and 36 weeks brings her out in full force. If you’d like, just skip to the end where you can guess whether Little [...]

PreggieVeggie Update: 8.5 Months & Counting!

8.5 months belly picture

We are seriously at the tail end here. Risk assessments, home visits, weekly prenatals…it’s down to the wire. And, by “down to the wire,” I mean we could have a good eight weeks left. I’ve done the “any day now” bit before. It’s not cool after six weeks of it. However, if you have noticed, [...]

Preggie Veggie Update: 8 Months & Counting!

32 Weeks Belly Picture

Today is probably not the day that I should type about pregnancy and life in general. But, I am giving it a shot so that I can schedule the post for the morning (yeah, totally cheating), rather than tempting fate and hoping I can do it in the morning. It started off innocently enough…if you [...]

When You Need Baby Shoes FAST…

Fast Knitted Baby Booties

Little Bean will be my first winter baby. This means s/he will be my first who has to wear clothing. It’s a little intimidating, really. My kiddos came out, got a diaper and onesie, wore a blanket or some babylegs and that was it. The more chub they got, the fewer clothes they wore. Shoes? [...]

Making Diapers for Baby

Tshirt diapers and sweater covers

This weekend didn’t involve much cooking. I put a big pot of chili on and we alternated between that and some football-friendly junk food and cupcakes for Fuzzy’s birthday. Hey- you’ve been there, too. So, there is very little to post about with regard to the cookbook. We’re starting the morning with a porridge and [...]

Preggie Veggie Update: 7.5 Months & Counting!

30 weeks belly picture

Thirty weeks. Thirty. What in the world?! This can’t be right. But then, the knees in my belly (yeah, baby flipped posterior) tell me that baby is right at the size of a small contortionist. According to week by week sites, Little Bean is nearing four pounds and is over a foot long. This explains [...]

Nesting Is Messy

Sewing pile in the guest room

A couple of months ago, I posted about nesting at the onset of each trimester, as well as that big crazy push at the end (no pun intended…really). Rather than spazzing out mid-fall, I’d intended to map out the summer, accomplishing cleaning and decluttering tasks that I knew would bother me and distract from all [...]

Preggie Veggie Update: Seven Months & Counting

Seven Months Pregnant

Here we are, solidly in the third trimester. Over half of a year of my life has been dedicated to growing this little one, and much more of that is to come. It’s hard to believe, really, that so much time has passed. But isn’t that how it always is when you’ve got kids? Maybe [...]

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